FNF Vs Indie Cross

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How about a little music? You won’t be short of it in FNF Vs Indie Cross! Once again you will meet your favorite music arcade heroes, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who are preparing to run another bunch of groovy performances to the most amazing tracks in various genres! You will surely be fascinated with the beats and tunes, as well as bright colors and dynamic gameplay!

Here you will have to meet various opponents on stage and outperform them in a rap battle. Pressing the right arrow buttons just in time with the beat will increase your score, and the more notes you can hit correctly in a row the higher it will fly. On the other hand, missing notes can be detrimental for your health. Make sure your health bar doesn’t drop below the level where you won’t be able to continue singing anymore! The game will surely excite everyone who loves great music and enjoys rapping to one’s favorite songs together with the main heroes!

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