FNF Week 7

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Are you ready for another course of riveting musical adventures? Then start playing FNF Week 7! Here you will hear some new groovy songs that will surely make your ears melt in delight and your feet tapping to the rhythm as you try to catch it with your fingers. And also meet both old and new characters – something we never get tired of playing Friday Night Funkin!

Just as usual, Boyfriend will have to defeat all of his rivals in the bright light of the rap stage. You will see your hero with a mic in his hand, ready to start singing. Once the music begins to play, there will be arrows floating through the screen. They all will be pointing in different directions – these are the clues you need to follow if you want to gain a maximum amount of points. These arrows coincide with the buttons on the keyboard you need to press sticking with the beat of the music.

Note that the rhythm may be changing rather drastically, especially at hard difficulty levels. You have to catch every single beat and try to do that as many times in a row as you can to accumulate enough energy for an epic combo that will surely mesmerize the audience! Start playing right now and see if you can deal with all of your hip-hop opponents!

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