Friday Night Funkin Week 8

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Who is the most widely known rap star of nowadays in the gaming world? Needless to tell that it’s Boyfriend, the main character of the no less popular music arcade called FNF! We’ve already followed him on so many incredible hip-hop adventures, and now you can set out on another round of them in the eighth full week of Friday Night Funkin!

Those who have already played a lot of FNF games know what to do. In case you suddenly hear about it for the first time – the point of the gameplay is to earn as high score as possible by rapping to the beat of various songs. That’s possible by pressing the right buttons (according to the arrow clues on the screen) when you hear notes. Each successful hit will increase your score while making too many mistakes will be sending your health down.

And you won’t be doing it alone – there will be an opponent you’ll have to defeat! Try to gain more points than your rival and check your sense of rhythm in a series of incredible music fights that will surely refresh your emotions and send your adrenaline sky-high in FNF Week 8!

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