Yandere Simulator

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When you are in love, the world changes. You are not interested in anything except that same guy or that same girl, you constantly think about him or her. Your whole day begins to revolve around your possible meeting, even if it’s only at school and you don’t talk much in real life. But you already have a whole romantic story unfolding in your head. And you can’t bear to watch other girls flirt with him. What if they come up with something? No, this cannot be allowed! In Yandere Simulator you will become a young Japanese schoolgirl who has been in love with her classmate for a long time. Your task is to win his favor and ward off all rivals. Even if for this you have to resort to not entirely honest and even cruel methods!

Find a way to the heart of your beloved one…

Everything will start out pretty sweet and carefree. You will meet the main character – this is a charming young lady who looks like an angel. But with her psyche, everything is not so cloudless. Emotions are overflowing, and she no longer knows how to attract the attention of her lover – who, by the way, is the most popular guy in school. You have to figure out how to do it and at the same time make sure that he does not start dating someone else while you are paving the way to his heart!

There are several ways to do this in the game. You can go peacefully and just talk to the girl. Perhaps you will even become friends and she will not interfere with you. Or you can choose intrigues and scandals. Setting an opponent up to make her look bad in front of your chosen one – this requires insidiousness. But on the other hand, it is effective because the boy you are in love with is a noble and kind character, he will not tolerate someone with a damaged reputation next to him.

…Or cut it with your katana!

Well, if you do not want to bother with various ingenious schemes, the good old katana will help you. Like all Japanese schoolchildren, the main character is strong in martial arts. And you can just quietly kill an objectionable character – only so that no one sees it, otherwise the police will rake you in. In general, the game allows you to achieve what you want in a variety of ways. And it’s up to you which one you choose! That will change the course of the story making the game even more exciting because there is no prewritten plot you have to follow. Start playing right now, try to win the love of the guy of your dreams and don’t give up in Yandere Simulator!

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