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Yandere Simulator Game Online Play Free

Yandere Simulator is a game about a young girl who is in love with her classmate and wants to be with him at all costs. Even if that means eliminating her rivals, sometimes literally… You will plunge into the atmosphere of a colorful manga, get to wear a cute school uniform, explore the campus, build relationships and even draw some blood swishing your katana!

She seemed to be a usual schoolgirl…

Nothing bodes anything drastic at the beginning. You get into the main menu where you’re offered to choose an outfit and hairstyle for your heroine. She looks like a regular schoolgirl and you expect it to be all about love diaries and butterflies. But no! Our heroine is a little bit of sociopath and she hates all the other girls at school because they are so thrilled with the same boy she laid her eyes on. So she needs to come up with a plan how to get rid of them. And you are going to help her!

Every week you are going to fight against another opponent. They will all be different, with a different background and character. You have to figure out the best possible method of getting this particular girl out of your way by Sunday. It can be done either in a peaceful manner – for instance, you make friends with her and she just can’t betray you. Or you fix her up with another guy from school. Or you can start plotting against her to make her look bad int he eyes of your beloved. For example, you can ruin her reputation. And if it doesn’t help, there is also a good old sword fight!

Get to date the guy you love and enjoy the plot twists!

During the whole gaming process, you’ll get to explore the virtual city where the main heroine lives, travel around various locations, the main of them of course being your school, and meeting all kinds of characters. It’s up to you what kind of relationships to build with them. But be careful, that will affect the rest of the gameplay and the attitude of other people towards you! Everything is like in real life, so you have to consider each of your steps with great caution.

Bright graphics, amazing art style and the special atmosphere of a Japanese manga will make your stay in this game simply unforgettable! Start playing it right now, discover different plot twists all the time and just enjoy the process! Yandere Simulator is a perfect game for everyone who love anime and it allows you to write your own love story, so let’s get started!

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