Yandere Simulator Gacha Life

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Gacha Life is highly popular among all categories of players because of its colorful graphics, bend on clothes and accessories and of course the ability to stage your own mini-scenes with the participation of characters you can create. We got so used to these cute big-headed boys and girls that we already perceive as something totally usual. And we barely get surprised when developers add heroes from other games making them just as cartoonish and funny-looking. Like those from Yandere Simulator.

Your favorite manga heroes now in Gacha Life!

In this version of Gacha Life, you will meet all the main heroes from the scandalous Japanese campus where the events of the popular graphical novel take place. As you remember, it’s about a girl who fell in love with her classmate and started killing all the other girls at school just to make sure he didn’t end up dating anyone else. Kind of cruel, but not without its macabre charm.

Now you can meet the main heroine and other characters from the campus in Gacha Life! Just like usually, you can come up with plenty of different outfits for them and construct a really unforgettable, unique look using various types of clothing, accessories and other stuff. The money for that can be earned in a great variety of mini-games and quests. Besides, you can furnish your own house and explore a vast virtual city full of opportunities! Immerse yourself in this bright and fascinating world, enjoy Yandere Simulator Gacha Life online and check out all the amazing things you can do here!

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