FNF Character Test Playground Remake 7

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Are you an avid fan of FNF? Do you follow all the modes and can enumerate all the opponents that ever made an appearance there? Then you will surely enjoy playing this great game! Here you have a chance to perform as one of the heroes from the previous Friday Night Funkin versions – aside from Boyfriend and Girlfriend!

In the menu, you will find a long list of characters available for playing in the mode. Each of them has a unique manner of behaving on stage, as well as peculiar moves and sounds. You can check that all out performing to a number of amazing tracks that will surely delight your ears! Just choose the hero and start the gig! There is no need to compete with anyone, so you can just relax and groove to the beat without thinking how to gain more points or avoid any of your opponents dirty tricks. Enjoy the pure delight of great music in this riveting rhythm-based game and discover what it’s like to play as different FNF characters!

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