Yandere Simulator 2022

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Japanese schoolgirls fall in love differently than teenagers in the rest of the world. Instead of just sighing sweetly after their object of passion and dreaming of their first kiss, they take action. And sometimes this action can be rather drastic, in the style of bloody ninja anime and severe samurai legends. And you are going to see that with your own eyes when you visit the hospitable and cute-looking middle school in Yandere Simulator 2022!

The things you can do for love

The main heroine of the game is crazy about her classmate. She thinks about him all the time. And she is very jealous of any other girls that are near him. Because it’s the most beautiful and popular guy in the whole school, she has a lot of competition. And she is willing to do anything to get rid of her rivals. Even if it means pulling out her katana and cutting another girl into pieces!

Of course it’s up to you whether to draw blood or stick with more peaceful measures. The main thing is to make sure the girl doesn’t have any claims to your future boyfriend by the end of the week. During this time, you can walk around the campus, explore various locations and meet other characters. The game allows you to make your own choices and build any relationships with anyone. There are also lots of other activities in this virtual town that you can enjoy. So plunge into this fascinating anime-style story right now and see how it ends!

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