Yandere Simulator 2

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Japanese games have always had a special atmosphere and plot. On the one hand, it’s cute graphics with bright colors and an overwhelming amount of romance, touching and girly pink dreams. On the other hand, there are bloody and aggressive battle scenes, allusions to the ancient samurai and shiny ninja swords. All this is mixed into one exciting story about the most ordinary school, in which the most ordinary girl studies – at least at first glance …

To date or not to date?

The main character of Yandere Simulator 2 seems like her other classmates. She also goes to school, wears a uniform and a briefcase, does her homework and socializes with other teenagers. But it’s not as simple as you might think. She feels everything especially sharply and is prone to rash impulsive actions. And she is very jealous of the boy she is in love with! In order to keep other girls away from him, she is ready to go into any tricks and even kill someone. It is this unbalanced person that you will manage, helping her make the right choice!
The game is divided into weeks. Every week you will have a new opponent. They are all different, they have a different character, reputation and hobbies. Your task is to make sure that the object of your passion completely cools off for them and does not respond to their declaration of love. Well, or to make them fall in love with another boy is a very good option in which no one will suffer. It all depends, of course, on why you play this game at all – are you interested in the love story itself or the opportunity to chop everyone around into pieces with your katana that you keep in your room for some reason?

Write your own love story!

Yandere Simulator 2 is an open world where you can freely roam. When you arrive on campus, you decide where to go, who to talk to and what to do. You can communicate with any characters and build any relationship with them. From this will depend on the further plot of the game. At the very end, you yourself have to take the decisive step and confess your love to the very boy around whom these passions are played out. Be careful and do not turn him away with rash acts!

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