FNF Character Test Playground Remake 5

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Have you ever wanted to try playing as a different character in FNF? Not Boyfriend, not Girlfriend – but for instance, Daddy Dearest or Tricky? It’s possible in the new version of Character Test Playground available for FNF! And moreover, it’s a remake – which means the game has become even more amazing and full of new opportunities!

Usually you would step to the stage in the trendy sneakers of Boyfriend who is the main hero of the famous musical saga. The game is dedicated to his traveling around various virtual realities and fighting in hip-hop battles with all kinds of other characters. However, in this version you will be able to find out what it’s actually like to play as those very characters!

Besides, the game doesn’t press you to compete – you can choose a free mode and simply experiment with the sounds and movements your hero can do. As always, the songs are great – you will recognize some from the previous chapters, the rest will be new to you. Find out more playing this incredible rhythm-based arcade online!

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