Friday Night Funkin Tricky Phase 4

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There are lots of opponents in FNF that you need to watch out. One of them is Tricky. He looks like a crazy clown with a strange hair color and generally his entire appearance. And he is very evil. He wants to defeat Boyfriend in a hip-hop duel and is ready to do everything for that. Will you be able to resist him? Beware, he has some wicked tricks up his sleeve!

When he gets mad, he flies into a rage mode and starts fighting even more fiercely. His eyes start glinting red, he gets more powerful and you should really be careful when that happens. The rest of the gameplay is the same – you hit the buttons, you strike notes and gain points. Every time you hit a beat, your score goes up. And if you keep missing notes, your health diminishes. There are three rounds waiting for you, and you can choose any difficulty level. That will affect the tempo and rhythmical pattern of the tunes playing on stage. Start the epic rap battle right now!

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