Yandere Simulator 1980’s Mode

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There is something special in the 80s. These long bygone years still captivate us with their incredible dressing and hair styles, cute music and that special worldview that differentiates people from different ages even though they might live in the same family. If you too love the 80s, here is a great game that will allow you to fully delight these nostalgic times while playing a typical Japanese manga, with school intrigues, love stories and blood-thirsty teenagers!

These Japanese schoolgirls!

Yandere Simulator is generally a game about a schoolgirl who fell in love with her classmate and decided to deal with all the other girls eyeing him. It runs like a virtual novel – you come to the school, walk around, talk to different characters and make decisions that affect the further course of the gameplay. Each and every character you can meet on the map have their own personality and you have to consider that while choosing what to say to them and how to behave around them.

The most important one is the guy you love. You can afford to look bad in front of him, so even if you plan to do something drastic, you’d better not do it out in the open. For instance, if he sees you even talking to something rudely (let along cut someone’s belly open with your samurai sword), he will be disgusted by you and won’t want to talk to you anymore. Besides, getting caught in an act like that can get you arrested. So be careful and think twice before saying or doing something!

The 80’s style manga – totally worth checking out!

The game will stun you with bright graphics, ability to select plenty of hairstyles and outfits for your heroine and, since it’s an 80s mode, a great number of references to that epoch. You will be pleased to walk around the campus marveling at every small detail and enjoying even being here. Just don’t forget that you need to focus on the gameplay and don’t skip any of the important characters when they walk by.

There are options of phrases and actions popping up every time you come to a certain hero. So you only have to choose what you consider right in a certain situation. Remember that you have only one week to figure out how to get rid of another rival until it’s too late. The game opens up all kinds of path for reaching your objective. And you can try all of them replaying it over and over again, seeing what other endings and options of event development are possible! Enjoy Yandere Simulator 1980’s Mode online and see if you can end up with the boy you love!

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